retro marketing 4ever

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Kaip skelbia designboom tai- tarptautinis dizaino konkursas atviras visiems dizaino studentams, profesionalams ir mėgėjams.

Keik pamenu, tokio paties tipo konkursas ir netgi tame pačiame internetiniame portale buvo skelbtas kitam, jau gatvėse važinėjančiam, Fiat 500 automobiliui. Taigi, regis, Renault rinkodaros komanda per daug nesuka galvos ir naudojasi jau išbandyta sėkmės formule.

trumpa info anglų kalba:

participants are asked to re-design the renault 4.
the briefing is broken up in 2 main parts:

1- the look and its style:
the RENAULT 4 has been the third bestselling model in automobile history and
has become an international pop style icon. your new design project should
respect the identity of the historical R4 model, which was based on an extremely
functional and minimalistic philosophy.
this year, the R4 turns 50. this competition aims to revive the R4’s spirit
therefore, somehow your re-design should resemble the look of the
historic model and most importantly: it should look great.

2- innovative design and technology for sustainable mobility:
the cleverly minimalistic R4 used the technical know-how of its time at its best.
low running costs and the ability to adapt to all types of use granted the R4 an
illustrious 31-year career. the revolutionary approach to body design allowed
several different versions, including a van, a four-wheel drive vehicle and
a cabriolet. the sturdy construction and the low maintenance strategy of the model
made it suitable also for an off-road racing championship.
how would you translate this characteristics into a contemporary model?

like its illustrious predecessor, the new generation Renault 4-ever will be a people-centered vehicle.
drawing from the heritage of the iconic original ‘4L’, it will be a simple, practical, reliable and affordable
car offering mobility for all. crucially, as a 21st century vehicle, it will be designed with the future in mind
and according to the principles of the circular economy, aiming at achieving a positive impact on the environment
rather than simply focusing on being slightly ‘less bad’.

02 – awards
the winning design will get a renault 4 that michel leclère (ex formula 1 driver) has driven
in the 2011 historic rallye monte-carlo. the car is based on a 1965 renault 4L
(value of the car € 15.000 euro)
– the second price will receive 5000 euro
– the third price will receive 3000 euro


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